Spend Alberta's Heritage Weekend in Didsbury at our Outdoor Living History Museum

Days of Yore 2019 at Rosebud Park in Didsbury Alberta

Look Who's Coming in 2021!
To be confirmed once the province opens up attendance allowances for special festivals like ours.

Sons of Fenrir Vikings | Dragons Own Medieval Combat | Yankee Valley Yankees | Victorian Society | Edmonton House Brigade
Guns of the Golden West | 10th Battalion WWI | WWII First Special Service Force | Prairie Motor Brigade

Sons of Fenrir Vikings will be in Didsbury battling and pillaging!You loved the SONS OF FENRIR VIKINGS at our Arts Festival and they are now a mainstay at our Days of Yore Living Museum. Come to Didsbury on the August long weekend and experience the life of these raiders and pillagers - and comrades! Haven't seen them before? Then you're in for a real treat! Sons of Fenrir are reenactors that portray the Scandinavian peoples and culture from circa 800-950.

Heralding from Calgary, Alberta, they bring to life what it was like to fight and live in a roving Norse Warband. You'll see everything from a huge variety of period crafting to authentic cooking to intense live steel combat.

You'll want to get your kids prepared for KiddieVik, your child's chance to take on our Vikings with pool noodles in ferocious combat!

Keep an ear open for "Skalds", fearsome Viking storytellers and their true viking sagas! You'll probably want to come back on Sunday to hear "the rest of the story".

The Sons of Fenrir are fierce, battle-ready, and primed to give Didsbury another fantastic taste of Norse living history!

The Dragons Own Medieval Combat Group is a Calgary, Alberta based group of medieval entertainers who seek to provide an enjoyable medieval experience.Step back in time - back to the First Crusade onward (1095 - 1450AD) - back to the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

That's what you'll find when you see the heroic knights of the DRAGONS'S OWN MEDIEVAL COMBAT GROUP.

By combining historical realism with a touch of fantasy, and just a little poetic license, Dragon's Own provides a show that will thrill and entertain young and old alike.

They even use real weapons in battle, relying on extensive training and skills to bring medieval combat and tournament to life!

Keep your eyes out for these fine Knights, Ladies, and a few scoundrels as well!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! - Medieval castles were mysterious places and oftentimes they had a maze. Horses in the Middle Ages were used by knights as they trained for battle. We have combined both at Days of Yore, with our Medieval Stick Pony Maze! Kids get an "I conquered the Stick Pony Maze at Days of Yore" certificate. It'll be "Ahh-mazing"!

Our Tintamareski family was so popular last year, they'll be back. So, remember to bring your camera & pose behind our Tintamareski for a photo-op family memory! There's Queen Elizabeth & her corgi, Prince William & Kate, or a Clan of Vikings in a ship.

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